Get The Most From Your Revision Cards

Red Cliff Learning have written the Maths GCSE 9-1 revision cards to be easy to adapt to your own revision strategy. There are some features you may not know about which could be used to make your revision more effective.

Use the write on/tick off format and follow these straightforward steps to get you those all important extra exam marks

Tick off what you know. – The cards contain the complete exam board specification including what you are already expected to know – tick the I Know This box and focus on the remaining cards.

Make your own notes. – Use highlighters, coloured pens etc. and where you know parts of a card make sure to tick off what you are confident with. These cards are designed to be written on to make your own personal revision set.

Practice what you don't know. – Mark it as I'm working on it and go back to it. There are countless resources available online once you know what to focus on (we also have a few Brush Up questions on our website to get you started).

Take them to school. – Take in the cards with your notes on and any queries that you have, talk to friends, teachers or attend a Maths clinic. A card (with or without your notes on) will show exactly where you need points to be clarified.

Practice... practice... practice. – Your revision cards with your reminders on will become your tool for monitoring your revision progress and building your knowledge. Make sure to practice applying this knowledge in actual exam type questions.