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Red cLiff Learning

Developed by experienced maths tutor Val Redcliffe together with her husband, Phil, what started as an innovative system to help Val's students soon blossomed into a comprehensive printed study aid supplied to tutor students and sold at education fairs.

Buoyed by great feedback and growing demand, Red Cliff Learning has since multiplied in size and now provides study aids to students, teachers, and tutors across the UK.   

When you need easy and effective study aids for Maths GCSE, it all adds up with Red Cliff Learning.

Philip and Valerie Redcliffe

Meet our founder

Val Redcliffe has been tutoring in Bishops Stortford since 2008. In that time, she has taught over 100 young people from 70 families, most of who came via recommendation. 

Her warm, friendly, encouraging and skilled approach helps put students at ease so that they can fulfil their potential. Val's approach to teaching varies according to the age, requirements, and motivation of the individual. As well as acknowledging and rejoicing in her students' strengths and successes, Val assesses where there are misunderstandings and gaps in knowledge, to work to put things right.

The results speak for themselves: Her Maths GCSE pupils regularly improve by several grades and her 11+ and 13+ students have been accepted into 12 different selective schools.