How to get the most from your Smarter Revision Cards

For students

Smarter Revision Cards for Maths GCSE
  • Tick off what you know: The cards contain the complete exam board syllabus, some of which you may already know. To help you focus on new areas, tick the 'I know this' box and concentrate on the remaining cards.
  • Make your own notes: The cards are designed to be written on so don't be afraid to personalise them with notes or highlight key areas, and tick off the parts of a card that you are confident with. 
  • Practice what you don't know: If you want to delve deeper into a topic, tick the 'I'm working on it' box and head online to access the countless resources available.
  • Take them to school: If there's a topic you'd like to discuss in more detail, make notes about what you want clarified and take the card to school so you can talk to friends, teachers, or attend a Maths clinic to find out more.
  • Practice, practice, practice: Adding notes to your revision cards creates an invaluable tool for monitoring your revision progress and building your knowledge. Make sure to practice applying this knowledge in exam-type questions.

For teachers and tutors

Once you've covered a new topic with a student, encourage them to take a minute or two to read the relevant card. Ask if they follow or have any questions, then tick off what they've covered and add a page marker tab.

This experience helps reinforce the parts of the lesson that need remembering. It's also an easy way of promoting a great study habit as they can see their progress and have an overview of the big picture and its structure.

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