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GCSE Maths 9-1 Smarter Revision Cards

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Invaluable in the run up to the exam - clear, comprehensive, concise - designed with student needs foremost, the friendly matt finish makes engagement via annotating and highlighting easy

Every learning point you need is there at a glance - they are skillfully written to match the Department for Education Maths GCSE 9-1 Syllabus used by all exam boards in England and Wales

  • Tick off what you know  The cards contain the complete exam board syllabus, some of which you may already know. Feel good when you tick the 'I know this' boxes and move on to another card
  • Add your own reminders  The cards are designed to be written on as you practice and revise - personalise them with notes/examples on the lined reverse, highlight key areas, tick off the parts of a card that you are confident with
  • Practice what you don't know  When you want to delve deeper into a topic, tick the 'I'm working on it' box and head online to access the countless resources available
  • Take them to school  If there's a topic you'd like to discuss in more detail, make notes about what you want clarified and take to school so you can talk to friends, teachers, or attend a Maths clinic to find out more
  • Practice, practice, practice  Adding notes to your revision cards creates an invaluable tool for monitoring your revision progress and building your knowledge. Make sure to practice applying this knowledge in exam-type questions

Smarter Revision Cards are the perfect working document for revision for Maths GCSE 9-1

  • Foundation level - A6 size, 128 cards
  • Higher level - A6 size, 171 cards 

Spiral bound (so they lie flat and keep safely as a set) 

Separate, super student friendly index


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Customer Reviews

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So easy to use and informative. Let’s hope they help!

Anna Parkin
Good resource

As a non mathematics specialistI found this resource very useful in helping me understand the GCSE syllabus.

Mohammed Hijazi
The materials