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GCSE Maths 9-1 Smarter Revision Maps

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When you're trying to find the solution to a maths question, you must first identify what sort of problem it is. That's where our Smarter Study Maps come into their own, by providing a quick way to match a question with a subject. 

  • Helps develop great study habits by offering students a straightforward, effective, independent system
  • Intuitive to use, the maps are in keeping with both the syllabus and how kids like to learn

This spiral bound sets of mind maps cover the complete Maths GCSE (9-1) syllabus for Higher (13 maps) and Foundation (12 maps). When tackling a question, students can use clues presented in the question (such as keywords or diagrams) to easily identify which part of the syllabus it relates to. Equally useful is the student friendly index.

By providing a visual overview of each topic, the Smarter Study Maps help identify commonality between the different sections of the syllabus. You can also use them alongside our Smarter Revision Cards, which provide more detailed information on each topic.

In line with the Red Cliff Learning  style, students can personalise the Smarter Study Maps with their own notes, which helps encourage effective learning.

Supplied spiral bound (so they lie flat and easier to keep as as a set) and written to match the Department for Education syllabus for Maths GCSE 9-1 as used by all exam boards in England and Wales.

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So easy to use and informative. Let’s hope they help!

Anna Parkin
Good resource

As a non mathematics specialistI found this resource very useful in helping me understand the GCSE syllabus.

Mohammed Hijazi
The materials